LegoChem Biosciences and Fosun Pharma have have signed a license and commercialization agreement for one of LegoChem’s Next Generation Antibody-Drug Conjugate (ADC) products and related technology for the Greater China market. Two companies also signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for three other ADC targets.

Antibody-Drug Conjugate are so-called next-generation anti-cancer drugs.  They have gained  wide attention in recent years.  The antibody-drug conjugation approach involves highly toxic molecules attached to highly specific – and precisely targeted – antibodies thereby increasing their tumor cell-killing capability. The  novel drugs are designed deliver the cell-killing agent directly to the tumor site.  While the cancer cell is killed, healthy cells can be spared from the devastating effects of the agent. Generally, an ADC binds to the tumor-associated target, is internalized and subsequently releases the potent drug inside the tumor cell.

Proprietary ADC technology
LegoChem’s technology represent proprietary ADC technologies include highly potent cell-killing drugs and sophisticated linker technologies. The agreement involves LegoChem’s first and most advanced internally developed antibody-drug conjugate with an undisclosed antibody targeting at multiple indications in cancer. Fosun Pharma will further develop this novel ADC in the Greater China region.


Further collaboration
Prior to the signing ceremony held at Fosun Pharma’s Shanghai facility, Yong-Zu Kim, MD, Chief Executive Officer of LegoChem, Yifang Wu, President of Fosun Pharma Development and Senior Vice President of Fosun Pharma Group, discussed further collaboration between two companies.

“After evaluating multiple ADC technologies being developed in United States, Europe and China, we believe that LegoChem is one of the leading second generation ADC technology hubs, and we are pleased to announce that our first collaboration is now in place between Fosun Pharma and LegoChem,” Wu said.

“As a second step, we signed a Memorandum of Understanding. This agreement will guide us  in creating additional projects involving antibody-drug conjugates using one of several antibodies being developed by Henlius, one of our subsidiaries.  We believe that the agreement with LegoChem works because their pipeline programs fit our strategy especially in terms of innovation our desire to move forward in entering a global market together,” Wu further noted.

“We are excited to initiate this opportunity which proves that LegoChem’s ADC technology is now globally recognized.  The agreement further allows us to broaden and accelerate other ongoing discussion with partners from the US, Europe, and Japan,” Yong-Zu Kim, CEO of LegoChem explained.  “We look forward to partnering with Fosun Pharma, China’s leading pharmaceutical company with global competence, and strongly believe that they will successfully develop the this and  additional antibody-drug conjugates.”

Under the agreement, Fosun Pharma will receive commercial rights in Greater China area including mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan. LegoChem, in turn, will receive milestones and royalties from this agreement, and retains commercial rights outside of Greater China area.

Platform Technology
LegoChem’s antibody-drug conjugate technology is a next-generation platform technology that has successfully overcome weaknesses of the first-generation ADC technology, especially the stability in blood. This platform technology can be applied to a wide range of different antibody targets.