Advisory Board Members

Our Scientific Advisory Board Members

  • Clifford S. Mintz, PhD
  • Alain Beck, Ph.D
  • Rakesh Dixit, Ph.D., DABT
  • Laurent Ducry, Ph.D.
  • Gilles Gallant, BPharm, Ph.D. FOPQ
  • Eric Lacoste, Ph.D
  • Alain Herrera, MD
  • Prathap Kumar Mahalingaiah, DVM, MS, PhD, DABT
  • Yutaka Matsuda, Ph.D
  • Lisa McDermott
  • Sanjay Nilapwar, Ph.D
  • Thomas Rohrer, BS, MS
  • Srinath (Sri) Thirumalairajan, Ph.D.
  • Ruta Waghmare, Ph.D
  • Cecilia Zapata-Harms, MS, MHA
  • Weixing (Star) Zhang, Ph.D

Clifford S. Mintz, Ph.D

A seasoned bioscience professional with over 18 years of experience in drug discovery/development, biomanufacturing, commercialization and regulatory compliance. Dr Mintz is also a professional medical/healthcare writer and a regular contributor to life sciences business publications.

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Alain Beck, Ph.D.

Alain Beck is Senior Director, Biologics CMC & Developability (Pierre Fabre), Associate Editor of mAbs (2009) & chairman of MabDesign SAB (2014). Alain is also member of the World ADC Advisory Board.

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Rakesh Dixit, Ph.D., DABT

President, CEO and Founder of Bionavigen, a biopharmaceutical navigation company specializing in consulting for the discovery, preclinical development, translational, and regulatory sciences as well as early development of new drugs through smart acquisition.

Dixit is also co-founder, President and CSO of Regio Biosciences, an AstraZeneca spin-off Biotechnology company focusing on innovative biologics with a special focus on improving reverse cholesterol transport and HDL to prevent or treat multiple diseases, including cardio-metabolic diseases and cancers.

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Laurent Ducry, Ph.D.

Ducry joined Kodiak Sxiences in 2019 as head of Biologics Development and Manufacturing, responsible for the global supply chain of Kodiak's bioconjugates (DS and DP). Kodiak is a clinical stage company developing innovative therapeutics to treat chronic, high prevalence ophthalmic diseases.

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Gilles Gallant, BPharm, Ph.D. FOPQ

Dr. Gilles Gallant is an oncology expert with broad biotechnology and pharmaceutical experience in strategic cancer drug development, evaluation, and innovations.

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Eric Lacoste, Ph.D.

Eric is head of the ADC Conjugation Development team at Sanofi. He is in charge of supervising process development for Drug Substance protein conjugates to support research programs up to commercial launch readiness.

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Alain Herrera, MD

Consultant in Oncology and Associate Director at Kephren in Paris, France.

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Prathap Kumar Mahalingaiah, DVM, MS, PhD, DABT

Prathap Kumar Mahalingaiah, DVM, MS, PhD, DABT is currently Senior Scientist Senior Scientist, Investigative Toxicology and Pathology at Abbvie.

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Yutaka Matsuda, Ph.D

Yutaka Matsuda, Ph.D. is currently Director of Antibody Drug Conjugate Chemistry at Exelixis Inc.

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Lisa McDermott, BS

Lisa McDermott BS, is Director Process and Analytical Development at MilliporeSigma.

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Sanjay Nilapwar, Ph.D

Sanjay Nilapwar, Ph.D, works as Purification Process Scientist in Novel Molecules group of Medimmune, Gaithersburg and is also part of platform ADC CMC development team.

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Thomas Rohrer, BS, MS

Thomas Rohrer, BS, MS, is Senior Director of Technical Support for Samsung Biologics America. He has more than 30 years of experience in development, scale-up and manufacturing.

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Thomas Shellenberger, MD

Thomas Schellenberger, MD, is a Surgical oncologist who focuses on cancers of and neck.

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Srinath (Sri) Thirumalairajan, Ph.D.

Srinath (Sri) Thirumalairajan, Ph.D., is Director of Process Engineering at Seagen, Inc., a global biotechnology company dedicated to revolutionizing cancer care.

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Ruta Waghmare, Ph.D

Ruta Waghmare, Ph.D is the Vice President, Scientific Affairs and Laboratory Services at Pall Biotech (a Danaher company)

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Cecilia Zapata-Harms, MS, MHA

Cecilia Zapata-Harms (MS, MHA) is chief visionary office at ELEV8BIO. She has held leadership positions in strategy, joint venture startup and program administration. Her career spans more than 25+ years in life science/biotechnology and healthcare industry.

Weixing (Star) Zhang, Ph.D

Medicinal chemist; Roche R&D Center (China) Ltd.

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