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Antibody Drug Discovery | Molecular Medicine and Medicinal Chemistry)

by Clive R Wood (Author, Editor)

Monoclonal antibodies have become important treatments for cancer, inflammation and a wide range of other diseases, representing an increasing share of the most successful pharmaceutical markets.

The technologies to discover these drugs have been developed by select centers of excellence in industry and academia, and are continually being fine tuned in the race to identify the best antibody-based drug candidates and accelerate their paths to patients.

The objective of this volume is to provide a series of guides to those evaluating and preparing to enter particular areas within the field and to offer specialized perspectives to established researchers. The chapters set into context the significance of key developments and important considerations for selecting different approaches, such as antibody humanization, isotype selection, lead candidate selection criteria and protein production.

All contributors to this work are experts in their fields, and many have played pivotal roles in the creation of these technologies.

  • Humanization of Antibodies (Olivier Léger and José W Saldanha)
  • Selection and Screening of Antibody Phage Display Libraries (David R Buckler, Darren Schofield, Daniel J Sexton, David Lowe and Tristan J Vaughan)
  • Affinity Maturation Approaches for Antibody Lead Optimization (David Lowe, Trevor Wilkinson and Tristan J Vaughan)
  • Transgenic Mice Rearranging Human Antibodies (Sean Stevens)
  • Isotype Selection and Fc Engineering: Design and Construction of Fit-for-Purpose Therapeutic Antibodies (William R Strohl)
  • Antibody Expression from Bacteria to Transgenic Animals (Paul Stephens and Berni M Sweeney)
  • Current Trends in Antibody Purification and Lead Selection (Jie Chen and Andrew Nixon)
  • Design and Application of Immunoconjugates for Cancer Therapy (Sherif El Sheikh, Hans-Georg Lerchen, Beate Müller-Tiemann and Jörg Willuda)
  • Dual-Targeting Bispecific Antibodies as New Therapeutic Modalities for Cancer (Zhenping Zhu)
  • Antibody Fragments and Alternate Protein Scaffolds (Lioudmila Tchistiakova, William J J Finlay, Stephane Olland, Helen Dooley and Davinder Gill)
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