CPhI Worldwide, organized by UBM Live, announced the winners of the 11th annual CPhI live Pharma Awards. The annual awards showcase outstanding developments and innovations from the pharma industry’s most dynamic and progressive players. This year, CPhI live was held in Paris, France, October 7 – 9, 2014.

Open to the entire pharma industry, the awards honour companies that are driving the industry forward with thought leadership, unveiling top pharma innovators to global trade. In addition to returning annual award categories for ‘Formulation‘, ‘Process Development‘ and ‘Packaging‘, a new category recognizing ‘Innovation in Partnering‘ debuts this year. Supported by Pharmaceutical Outsourcing magazine, this award honours partnering methods, use of technology, unexpected outcomes and unique partnering practices.

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Catalent Pharma Solutions won the ‘Innovation in Partnering‘ category for their collaboration with Redwood Bioscience. Together they developed bioconjugates that incorporate Redwood’s proprietary FGE/aldehyde tag technology and novel bioconjugation chemistry.

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This method, called SMARTag , encompasses all the required components to produce site-specifically modified bioconjugates, including Antibody-drug Conjugates or ADCs. The technology is particularly aimed at widening the therapeutic index or TI for ADC drugs. Compared with a conventional ADC, results have shown that a SMARTag-generated ADC has a better toxicity profile, is well tolerated and provides statistically significant survival benefits, and has greater exposure and longer circulating half-life.

The ability to find the optimal site for a particular payload/antibody combination can be critical to a program’s success, and can be easily implemented in preclinical research programs. This is likely to play a key role in the future of ADC development programs, including developing bispecific ADCs, as well as developing ADCs for indications beyond oncology.

In other categories, the awards panel unanimous selecting MJR PharmJet in the Formulationcategory, acib for Process Development and Locked4Kids for Packaging.

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