MabPlex International, a leading and fully integrated global Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) serving the global biopharmaceutical and biotechnology industries with sites in China and the United States, has confirmed the appointment of Wei Chen, Ph.D as the company’s new Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

Founded in 2013, MabPlex currently has two sites in China (Yantai and Shanghai) and one site in the United States (San Diego, CA) offering high quality services from biologics drug development to commercial manufacturing.

According to the company, Dr. Chen will be responsible for the company’s strategic planning and operations management.

Strengthen overall company
“I am very pleased that Dr. Chen has joined MabPlex. He is a senior biopharmaceutical executive and has participated in the development of many novel therapeutic agents. Dr. Chen has extensive experience in the R&D, operation and management of large-scale biopharmaceutical manufacturing projects, and he will, no doubt, strengthen the overall strategy, service and management of our Chemistry, Manufacturing and Controls (CMC) operations,” said Jianmin Fang, Ph.D, Chairman of MabPlex.

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Dr. Wei Chen, Ph.D
Dr. Wei Chen, Ph.D joins MabPlex as Chief Executive Officer.

Integrated service platform
With state-of-the-art facilities and exemplary biologics development and manufacturing experience, MabPlex commits to being a valuable partner for our clients around the globe.

“MabPlex is a CDMO service company specializing in biomacro molecules offering an integrated service platform that is unique in our industry,” said Dr. Wei Chen.

“It is one of the few platforms globally with high production capacity, a world class team, and diverse project experience in Asia and abroad. I am excited to lead MabPlex’s expansion and work with the company’s seasoned team to further grow a world-class CDMO platform. Together we will continue to evolve and provide practical and reliable assistance to many biopharmaceutical companies and help them accelerate the development and launch of their novel drugs Dr. Chen concluded.

Extensive experience
Dr. Chen has more than three decades of experience in building large-scale biomanufacturing platforms for global biopharmaceutical companies as well as establishing quality management systems, new product development and global regulatory submissions.

Before joining MabPlex, Dr. Chen was responsible for new pharmaceutical/ biopharmaceutical development and manufacturing scale-up at Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS) and Johnson & Johnson (J&J). He also served as Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) and held other senior management positions at companies including Immunomedics and Phage Pharmaceuticals.

Dr. Chen was involved in the development and scale-up of several biopharmaceuticals, including the first TNF-α antibody product approved in Europe and United States, an early anti-tumor antibody-drug conjugate (ADC), a humanized monoclonal antibody inhibiting tumor growth, and a series of novel biologics, including a platelet aggregation inhibitor used during and after coronary artery procedures.

Dr. Chen has also played a key role in managing a number of startup biotech companies, bringing them from proof of concept to late stage clinical development and IPO. He led the internationally renowned CDMO company BioReliance, and managed this company’s initial operations.

Finally, Dr. Chen served as Chief of Chemistry, Manufacturing and Controls (CMC) and Vice President of Manufacturing at BioAtla, the world’s leading Conditionally Active Biologics™ (CAB) ADC drug development company.

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