Earlier today Farmabios, Novasep and PharmaZell officially confirmed today that they are coming together under the new brand Axplora. This announcement comes just 6 months after the closure of the merger of the Novasep and the PharmaZell Group.

This step marks the last one in the creation of Axplora, a leading Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) manufacturing partner for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies worldwide, with a long track record of reliably developing and scaling up complex production processes and delivering medicines on time and at scale, to the highest industry standards.

Axplora is an international group with a strong and flexible manufacturing network for APIs.

A carefully thought-out process
The creation of Axplora is the result of a carefully thought-out process: the new brand illustrates the innovative mindset driving the company and its employees.

The tagline “Reliable partner. Agile explorer.” encapsulates the explorer spirit that the company fosters within the organisation and with our partners. It also refers to the pharmaceutical lifecycle to find API solutions in a reliable, safe, efficient, and sustainable way for patients.

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With the Farmabios, Novasep and PharmaZell brands being unified under a single name, Axplora brings together companies that share a track record of high quality, reliability and a complementary set of differentiated technologies.

The company offers Contract Design and Manufacturing (CDMO) solutions to innovators for their small molecule APIs and biomolecular active pharmaceutical ingredients. This includes a number of specialized technologies to develop Highly Potent Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (HPAPIs), antibody-drug conjugates (ADC) and bioconjugation, hazardous chemistry, steroids, industrial chromatography and flow chemistry, supported by an extensive toolbox of classical chemistry.

Sylke Hassel, MS, Chief Executive Officer of Axplora.

As a merged entity, the company is leveraging technology and knowledge to deliver the full customer-centred lifecycle from innovation to generics. It will offer added security of supply for clients at the highest standards. With nine industrial sites in Europe and India and an R&D facility in the USA, its global footprint enables Axplora to optimize supply chain logistics.

“I am very proud to reveal our new name today, Axplora, to take this step alongside our teams for our partners and customers,” noted Sylke Hassel, MS, Chief Executive Officer of Axplora.

“Under this new name, thanks to our talented staff, Axplora will provide the highest quality manufacturing solutions that will enable our customers to improve their patients’ quality of life, wherever they live in the world, and whatever their therapeutic need – across the full spectrum of the pharmaceutical development lifecycle,” she concluded.

Headquartered in Raubling (near Munich, Germany), Axplora employs 2,400 people around the world.

Note: Axplora is a sponsor of ADC Review and the ADC Directory.

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