Synaffix, a Netherlands-based biotechnology company exclusively focused on the continued advancement of best-in-class ADC technology platforms has received a new key patent for their entire GlycoConnect™ process used to prepare glycan-conjugated ADCs The new patent, which is expected to further strengthening the company’s IP portfolio,has been granted by the United States Trademark and Patent Office (US 9,504,758 B2).

The new patent covers key aspects of GlycoConnect™ site-specific and stable antibody-drug conjugation technology platform developed by Synaffix. The technology is based on attaching payloads directly to the antibody glycan without the need for prior protein engineering.  This process involves proprietary enzymes and metal-free click conjugation reagents and HydraSpace™, the company’s ADC-enhancing spacer technology.

The patented technology was shown to be capable of significantly enhancing the therapeutic index of an ADC on its own. Furthermore, the superiority of this approach has been confirmed in head-to-head comparisons to both U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved antibody-drug conjugates, as well as to ADCs that have been obtained using other mainstream site-specific conjugation approaches.

The highly polar properties of HydraSpace™ improve the solubility and stability of the payload and the resulting ADC product, thus enhancing further the therapeutic index of the ADC. Both technologies have demonstrated compatibility with all ADC payload classes and all IgG isotypes without requiring antibody engineering.

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“The granting of this patent represents a key milestone in the evolution of our patent portfolio and highlights the strength of our technology,” said Floris van Delft, CSO of Synaffix.

“This patent, together with our granted patent on copper-free click chemistry and the patent applications that cover HydraSpace, will serve an important role for all future drugs developed using our glycan-based ADC technology,” Van Delft concluded.

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