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Conditionally Active Biologics (CAB)

Novel pH Mechanism may Enhance On-Target Effects with Reduced Off-Tumor Toxicity

The development of antibody-based immunotherapies has, compared with conventional therapeutic strategies patients, transformed the therapeutic landscape in melanoma, non-small cell lung cancer, bladder cancer,...
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The Evolving Market for Antibody-drug Conjugates

The scale of patient demand has fueled an overarching healthcare market need to expand the drug development pipeline to generate more biologics to treat...

Novel Approach may Limit the Troubling Side Effects of Cancer Immunotherapy

Connecting highly effective cancer immunotherapy drugs such as anti-CTLA4 (ipilimumab | Yervoy®; Bristol-Myers Squibb Company) and anti-PD-L1 (atezolizumab | Tecentriq®; Genentech) to peptides that...