California-based EAG (Evans Analytical Group), a global scientific services company serving clients across a vast array of technology-related industries, has announced a major investment in ABC Laboratories‘ capacity and analytical capabilities to meet the pharmaceutical industry’s need for high-end biopharmaceutical analysis. The announcement is part of a 2016 multimillion-dollar capital investment in instrumentation, which comes in the wake of ABC’s acquisition by EAG in July 2015 .

ABC Laboratories, headquartered in Columbia, Missouri,  offers IND-enabling, registration and post-commercialization analytical support for the development, quality control and life cycle management of innovative therapies and generic medicines.

The company’s personalized, results-based approach to development strategy is backed by decades of experience delivering GLP- and cGMP-compliant analytical testing services across all types of active pharmaceutical ingredients and formulations. Through development know-how, cross-disciplinary technical expertise, and applied experience with evolving global regulatory frameworks, the company helps efficiently manage programs for large- and small-molecule drugs, medical devices and combination products.

siddhartha_kadia - AEG
Photo 1.0: Siddhartha Kadia, Ph.D, EAG’s CEO: “Since launching its biopharmaceutical offering in 2008, ABC had built a great reputation for its scientific excellence.”

Critical need
“The pharmaceutical industry has a critical need for high-quality contract laboratory partners who can perform the complex analyses required to fully characterize a biopharmaceutical,” said EAG’s CEO, Siddhartha Kadia, Ph.D (Photo 1.0).

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“Since launching its biopharmaceutical offering in 2008, ABC had built a great reputation for its scientific excellence, but the company needed additional capital to strengthen its analytical toolbox,” Kadia added.

“Biotech drug development requires different analytical techniques than traditional ‘small molecule’ pharmaceuticals, and interpreting study results requires deep insight into the mechanisms of biopharmaceutical behavior,” said Prasad Raje, Ph.D., Senior Vice President of EAG’s Life Sciences division.

Complex analytical issues
“Our biopharmaceutical scientists have built a reputation for solving complex analytical issues for our clients,” Raje added. “Having more advanced analytical equipment will enable them to get there faster, and simultaneously support a greater number of programs,” he further noted.

With the FDA’s recent approval of the second biosimilar and the large number of biotech drugs that will lose patent protection in coming years, Raje says he expects demand for these services to escalate.

Biopharmaceutical Expertise
ABC Laboratories offers its analytical techniques and interpretive expertise to fully characterize a biopharmaceuticals in close client collaboration. The company’s experts have analyzed virtually every type of biomolecule, including monoclonal antibodies, antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs), and biosimilars, as well as recombinant, fusion, and pegylated proteins and synthetic peptides.

EAG is private company, majority owned by Odyssey Investment Partners, LLC.

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