ADC Bio and Biopharm will be hosting a live webinar titled, “Predicting and Lowering the Cost of Antibody Drug Conjugates” on June 5. To register, please select the appropriate time zone:

15:00 hrs (UTC+8 / Beijing, Hong Kong,Taipei) 16:00 hrs (UTC+9 /Tokyo,Seoul)

12:00 hrs (UTC +1 / London) 13:00 hrs (UTC+2/ Mainland Europe)

15:00 hrs (UTC -5 / Boston, New York) 12:00 hrs (UTC -8 / San Francisco)

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In this webinar, you will learn the following:

  1. Introduction to complexity of ADC Manufacturing supply chain (2-3’)
  2. Readily Available Software Tools (5-10’)
    a. Introduction to importance of economic modelling
    b. Biosolve overview
    c. Overview of Biopharm Services web site (case studies available)
  3. Case Study – The Effect of Integrated mAb-ADC Processing (15-20’)
    a. Phase II and commercial manufacture
    b. Effect of varying key cost factors (raw materials and consumables)
    c. Overview of cost benefits – integrated process
  4. Q&A

Featured Speakers:

Dr. Yuki Abe and Dr. Rob Noel

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