TRPH-222 (CD22-4AP) | Drug Description

TRPH-222 (CD22-4AP) is a novel, site-specific antibody-drug conjugate or ADC designed to target CD22, a B-cell-restricted sialo-glycoprotein that is an important modulator of B-cell signaling and survival.

CD22 is expressed on nearly all B-cell malignancies and is a clinically validated ADC target with potential in Non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL) and acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL).

The investigational compound combines a site-specific modified humanized antibody conjugated to a cytotoxic payload using Hydrazino-Pictet-Spengler (HIPSTM) chemistry and a proprietary 4AP linker which was developed by Catalent.

Pre-clinical data have shown that this optimization of payload placement and linker composition, combined with the stability afforded by HIPS chemistry, leads to better tolerability and expanded therapeutic index.

TRPH-222, being developped by Triphase Accelerator, is currently in IND enabling studies.