Changing Strategies in the War on Cancer, Part 1

The National Cancer Act signed in 1971 officially started what is commonly referred to as the “war against cancer.”

Since the signing of the bill, billions of dollars have been used towards “a total national commitment towards the conquest of cancer” with a stated goal of “finding a cure.” Government spending has been tremendously beneficial, providing funding for basic cancer research which is the foundation for new cancer treatments. As a result of ongoing research we now have a tremendous wealth of information, a better understanding of cancer biology and many novel treatments.

But there is still a lot of work ahead of us.

Although considerable progress has indeed been made in the treatment of some cancers, treatment of others remains elusive. A definite cure for cancer has not yet been found…

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The first part of “Changing Strategies in the “War on Cancer” discusses the importance and the impact of early diagnosis.

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