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Site Specific Conjugation of Hydrophobic Payloads Without Genetic Engineering

Site-specific conjugation leads to more homogeneous conjugates and allows control of the site of drug attachment. This approach frequently relies on antibody engineering to...
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Understanding of the Underlying Mechanisms of Target-Independent Uptake and Toxicity

With 4 approved agents, antibody-drug conjugates or ADC have shown to be a very promising class of therapeutics.While the concept of ADCs is not...
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Synaffix ADCs Significantly Expands the Therapeutic Index vs Cysteine-Engineered ADCs

Netherlands-bases biotechnology company Synaffix BV, which exclusively focuses on the development of novel antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) technology,  confirmed that a new set of head-to-head...

Site-specific Conjugation Based on Bacterial Transglutaminase Shows Improved Therapeutic Index of...

The key conclusion of these posters is that ADCs generated by BTG-ADC have improved pharmacokinetics and show a beter therapeutic index in in vivo models compared to brentuximab, with a significantly higher maximum tolerated dose (>60mg/kg vs 18 mg/kg) and a higher specific tumoral uptake.