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HPAPI Lab at Abzena. Photo Courtesy: 2019 Abzena.

Addressing the Challenges of Bioconjugate Medicines

Abstract The continuing advancements in bioconjugate medicines from delivery of potent cytotoxins to vaccine-, oligonucleotide-, radionuclide-, immunomodulator- and check-point inhibitor-conjugates, can start to address the...

Modernization of Regulatory Protocol and Initiatives for Advancing Precision Medicine

Over the last decade, Targeted Therapies, Personalized and Precision Medicine have become part of our vocabulary, representing a new way of thinking in how...

Cutting-Edge Science: Personalized Drug Screening for Multiple Myeloma

In the decades old "war" against cancer, scientist are increasingly developing ore and better ways to help doctors address the unmet medical needs of...