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pancreatic cancer cells

Fab’-installed Polymeric Micelles Significantly Improve Efficient Drug Delivery to Solid Tumors

To enhance the efficacy of unconjugated antibodies, researchers have optimized their antitumor activity by conjugating them with radionuclides, toxins, or cytotoxic drugs. The choice...

Challenges and Strategies for the Downstream Processing of BiSpecific Antibodies (BsAbs)

Baeuerle and Raum present an extensive review of BsAbs in their article. [2] BsAbs are most commonly used for cancer immunotherapy where they are targeted to simultaneously bind to a cytotoxic cell as well as a target tumor cell to be destroyed. Targeting two antigens simultaneously can be a promising approach. This paper will include a review of the challenges associated with the manufacturing of BsAbs in mammalian cell cultures, and the strategies that can be implemented to overcome treatment challenges.