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Engineering Bispecific Antibodies to Cross the Blood-brain Barrier

Over the past decades, the development and regulatory approval of antibody-based therapeutics has progressed rapidly. But poor blood-brain barrier permeability has hampered the progress...
Memorial Sloan Kettering Research Building

Memorial Sloan-Kettering Agrees to Use New Technology for Neuroblastoma Research

Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center has agreed to use to Sutro Biopharma's proprietary cell-free protein synthesis technology to produce bispecific antibodies that were discovered in the center's clinic for the treatment of neuroblastoma in children.
CPhl worldwide

CPhI Report Sees ADCs as a Key Driver of Tomorrow’s Healthcare

In the first section of the 2013 annual report and industry expert panel, analysts at CPhI Worldwide and CPhI Pharma Evolution describe how they expect that antibody-drug conjugates or ADCs will become a major product group within the oncology market.