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Netherlands-based Synaffix, a biotechnology company focused on commercializing its clinical-stage platform technology for the development of antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs), confirmed that it had signed a licensing agreement with Amgen to develop next generation ADCs.

Under the terms of the agreement, Amgen will gain access to Synaffix’s antibody conjugation technology platforms comprising GlycoConnect™, HydraSpace™ and select toxSYN™ linker-payloads for one ADC program with the option to exercise exclusive research and commercial licenses for an additional four programs at a later date.

Platform technologies
The proprietary antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) technologies included GlycoConnect™ a technology designed to replace the existing antibody glycan with a therapeutic payload. In developing this technology, Synaffix created a simple, yet powerful, clinical-stage platform technology enabling best-in-class ADCs, bispecific antibodies and the targeted delivery of various other therapeutic payloads, all without modifying the antibody sequence.

Synaffix’s HydraSpace™ technology further differentiates efficacy and tolerability versus other site-specific ADC approaches. A head-to-head comparison of HydraSpace-containing ADCs with commercially available and marketed ADCs demonstrated a significant improvement in the efficacy and safety in several in vivo products. This outcome was corroborated by in-depth pharmacokinetic analysis. Based on these outcomes, the technology constitutes a promising platform for next-generation ADCs with significantly enhanced manufacturability, stability, and, particularly, therapeutic index. [1]

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Finally, Synaffix’s toxSYN™ linker-payloads provide multiple options to maximize efficacy in light of tumor biology

Synaffix will be eligible to receive up to US $2 billion in payments spanning signature, program nomination and milestone payments, plus tiered royalties on commercial sales which are consistent with the financials of the recently signed licenses of Synaffix ADC technology platform.

Amgen will be responsible for the research, development, manufacturing and commercialization of the ADCs and Synaffix will continue to be responsible for the manufacturing of components that are specifically related to its proprietary technologies.

“Synaffix is pleased to partner with Amgen, a world-leading biotechnology company, to enable novel ADC product development that will aid in the transformation of cancer treatment,” said Peter van de Sande, Chief Executive Officer of Synaffix.

“We’re extremely proud to contribute its ADC-technology and manufacturing expertise to Amgen’s renowned drug development capabilities. This is our 12th licensing agreement to date, which further builds on our achievements from 2022, where we were also very proud to receive multiple awards including Best ADC Technology Platform, Biotech Company of the Year and Business Development Team of the Year,” he concluded.

[1] Verkade JMM, Wijdeven MA, Van Geel R, Janssen BMG, Van Berkel SS, Van Delft FL. A Polar Sulfamide Spacer Significantly Enhances the Manufacturability, Stability, and Therapeutic Index of Antibody-Drug Conjugates. Antibodies (Basel). 2018 Feb 20;7(1):12. doi: 10.3390/antib7010012. Erratum in: Antibodies (Basel). 2018 Aug 30;7(3): PMID: 31544864; PMCID: PMC6698870.

Featured image: Amgen both/ ASCO 2019. Photo9 courtesy: © 2019 – 2023 Evan Wendt/Sunvalley Communication. Used with permission.

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