NCT01409135 (Clinical Trial/ ASG-22ME/ AGS-22M6E)

Study Title
A Study of the Safety and Pharmacokinetics of AGS-22M6E in Subjects with Malignant Solid Tumors that Express Nectin-4 (NCT01409135)

Trial Description
A study examining the safety of AGS-22M6E (now known as AGS-22ME) or ASG-22CE administered as monotherapy therapy in subjects with malignant solid tumors that express Nectin-4. This trial is sponsored by Seattle Genetics/Astellas Pharma Inc. [1]

Study Data

  • Condition: Solid Tumors That Express Nectin-4
  • Interventions:
    • Drugs used in this trial
    • AGS-22M6E (AGS-22ME)
    • ASG-22CE
  • Phase: I
  • Estimated Enrollment: 34
  • Start: June 2011
  • Estimated Completion: June 2015
  • Last verified: October 2015

Study Schematic


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Last Editorial review: July 12, 2106
Information based on (NIH/NCI) and other sources.