Over the last two decades, Antibody-drug Conjugates (ADC) have become a major area of interest for an expanded pipeline of novel therapeutics being developed by a number of pharmaceutical companies.

ADCs combine the targeting of an antibody with the potency of a small molecule. Such a simple and elegant approach has far reaching consequences for the IT infrastructures that were established and implemented for antibody and small molecule drug discovery.

The ability to track data associated with Antibody-drug Conjugates is critical for projects to conduct structure-activity relationships (SAR) and ultimately be successful.

In a new article published in ADC Review | Journal of Antibody-drug Conjugates, Adrian D. Hobson, Jeremy C. Packer, Chris C. Butler and Dirk A. Bornemeier describe a simple approach to assigning a unique ID number to ADCs that involves only minimal modification to the established registration processes for the separate antibody and small molecules components.

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About the article: Original manuscript received: July 24, 2017 | Manuscript accepted for Publication: August 3,  2017 | Published online August 14, 2017 | DOI: 10.14229/jadc.2017.14.08.002

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