Scientist pipetting
Scientist pipetting

In an article published in July 2018 edition of the International Immunopharmacology researchers and scientists from RemeGen (Yantai 264006, Shandong, China) and Mabplex International (Yantai 264006, Shandong, China) are investigating the option to develop novel treatment options for B-cell lymphoma, one of the most refractory tumors.[1]

Treatment with targeted drugs, such as an antibody-drug conjugate, may be warranted.

In their development process, the researchers and scientists have been looking at ways to improve the stability and homogeneity of the ADCs, a humanized anti-CD19 monoclonal antibody called RC58 was developed in the present study. RC58 was based on the CD19 antigen as a potential molecular target of human B-cell lymphomas.


RC58 has high CD19-binding affinity and can be internalized in CD19-positive cells through endocytosis. As part of their process, they researchers and scientists developed three types of RC58-based ADCs (ADC-1, ADC-2, and ADC-3), using three kinds of Maleimide-PEG-based linkers with two different cytotoxins.

The anti-tumor activities of the ADCs were confirmed by in vitro and in vivo experiments. The stability of the ADCs was also evaluated by incubation in human plasma for 10 days.

In vitro experiments showed that the three generated ADCs had distinct inhibitory effects on several B-lymphoma cell lines.

The scientists and researchers found a close correlation between efficacy and drug concentration was found in a nude mouse xenograft model of human B-cell lymphoma, after treatment with RC58-based ADCs. These results suggest that ADC-1 (no additional information available), with high efficiency, could be used as a potential therapeutic agent for human B-cell malignancies.

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