In the November 2022 edition of BioPharm International (Volume 35, Issue 11), Feliza Mirasol, a science editor for the journal, writes about how drug developers can learn from early market failures, and how the biopharma industry has worked to improve the fate of antibody drug conjugates.

In the article, Mirasol explains how, after early market failures, ADCs have, in recent years,  made a comeback and how innovations in technology and a better understanding of disease mechanisms have helped advance the development of ADCs. This success has been evidenced by the growing proportion of ADCs gaining regulatory approval.

Mirasol further notes how the filed has changed over the last 2 decades and how drug developers today have a better understanding of cancer biology, targeting mechanisms, understanding the delivery of the payload and the modulation of the drug-ability of antibody-drug conjugates, challenge the historical limitations for bioconjugates and helping move the field to second and third generation successes.

Mirasol concludes that with the lessons learned, a once challenging category of therapeutic molecules are now reaping the benefits of deeper knowledge, understanding, and technological developments that have facilitated the growing approval of ADCs in the market.

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[1] Mirasol F. Improving the Fate of ADCs, BioPharm International 35 (11) 16–17 (2022). [Article][Online]

Featured Image: Journal + glasses. Courtesy: © 2017 – 2022. Fotolia/Adobe. Used with permission.


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