Manuscript Guidelines & Editorial Calendar

ADC Review, Journal of Antibody-drug Conjugates welcomes article, commentaries, original research and other manuscripts submissions from established or new authors or researchers – focusing on the technology and strategy underlying the discovery, development, clinical research, regulatory issues, clinical production/commercial manufacturing and clinical use of Antibody-drug Conjugates (ADCs).

To submit an article or manuscript for peer review, please email our Associate Publisher, Shaun Mehr at [email protected]. Please be sure to submit your manuscript as a Word Document.

All submitted articles, commentaries, original research or other manuscripts will be reviewed by our independent editorial review board, which will advise on matters of content and appropriateness. Accepted articles, commentaries and other manuscripts will be published and included in the peer reviewed section of ADC Review / Journal of Antibody-drug Conjugates. If published, your article will be received by thousands of active researchers, clinicians and executives.

The main criteria for guest articles and blogs are:

  • Topical, appropriateness and timely/current subject matter
  • Written in an accessible, engaging, provocative (op-ed) style
  • 1,000 -6,500 words

Suggested topics include:

  • Clinical trials in ADCs
  • Disease specific issues related to current and future ADCs
  • Current and future state of development
  • Site specific conjugation
  • How does site of linker attachment influences stability, toxicity, and efficacy of ADCs?
  • Selection and identification of new and appropriate targets with the optimal properties for ADC
  • Selection of different linkers and payloads
  • Efficacy and safety profile of ADC
  • Toxicity mechanisms of ADC candidates
  • ADME and biodistribution
  • PK/PD & PBPK Modeling at various stages of drug discovery and development
  • Managing and establishing a harmonized ADC manufacturing supply chain
  • Understanding critical elements in the supply chain during clinical/commercial manufacturing
  • Critical biological factors in drug discovery and development
  • Qualitative and quantitative risk assessments to ensure the safe (clinical) handling of ADCs
  • Safety of ADC
  • Site Specific Conjugation

Editorial Calendar

  • January – March 2019
    • Development of the Next Generation of ADCs
    • Challenges in Scaling Up Process Development in ADC
    • Payloads with differentiated mechanism of action
    • Analytical Development and QC in ADC Manufacturing
  • April – June 2019
    • How to maximize the clinical therapeutics window of ADCs
    • Project management, cGMP production, technology transfer and outsourcing in ADC manufacturing
    • Minimizing off-targeted toxicity of Chemistry, Manufacture and Control (CMC) design and IND submission
  • July – September 2019
    • Overcoming challenges in conjugation manufacturing
    • How to reduce toxicities and enhance tumor antigen targeting
    • Maximizing the clinical potential of ADCs
    • Regulatory expectations in ADCs
  • October – December 2019
    • Analytical development and QC in ADC manufacturing
    • Analytical method development and method validation
    • Comparison of ADCs with current standard of care