Glembatumumab Vedotin / CDX-011 (CR011-vcMMAE) Clinical Trials

TrialTitleStudy Record DetailPhaseSponsor/Colaborator
EMERGEA Study of CDX-011 (CR011-vcMMAE) in Patients With Advanced GPNMB-expressing Breast CancerNCT01156753Phase IICelldex Therapeutics
METRICStudy of Glembatumumab Vedotin (CDX-011) in Patients With Metastatic, gpNMB Over-Expressing, Triple Negative Breast CancerNCT01997333Phase IICelldex Therapeutics
A Study of Glembatumumab Vedotin in Patients With Advanced MelanomaNCT02302339Phase IICelldex Therapeutics
Study of CR011-vcMMAE to Treat Locally Advanced or Metastatic Breast CancerNCT00704158Phase I, Phase IICuraGen Corporation
A Phase I/II Study of CR011-vcMMAE in Subjects With Unresectable Stage III or Stage IV MelanomaNCT00412828Phase I, Phase IICuraGen Corporation

Note: As of October 1, 2009, CuraGen Corporation operates as a subsidiary of Celldex Therapeutics, Inc

Last Editorial Review: July 29, 2016