The past few years saw significant progress in the  treatment of cancer and hematological malignancies through antibody-druf conjugates (ADCs), with numerous approvals and positive clinical data, alongside 300+ ADCs in various development stages. Without a doubt, this progress confirms a very promising future for ADC in the fight against cancer and beyond.

With the recently approved and long-awaited approval of ImmunoGen’s mirvetuximab soravtansine (Elahere®), a  medication used as a treatment for fallopian tube cancer or primary peritoneal cancer, the number of approved antibody-drug conjugates keeps on growing. To add to the excitement, this incredible breakthrough is the first ADC for platinum-resistant ovarian cancer, proving their potential for treatments beyond breast cancer.

The 14th World ADC San Diego, is serving as a hub for knowledge exchange, networking and collaboration.  With an expanding pipeline and innovation, this event presents a chance to gain profound insights that can help enhance ADC pipelines, and maximizing the therapeutic potential for advanced front-line treatments.

What to Expect:

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  • Early-Stage Discovery
  • ADC Translation
  • Process & Analytical Development
  • Manufacturing
  • Commercialization

Comprehensive Coverage
This year in San Diego, gain valuable insights for initiating promising ADC projects through exploring novel linker technologies, ADC formats and design strategies.  Also, fine-tune your translation processes for optimal results, deep-diving into preclinical models, biomarker driven approaches, PK/PD analysis and understanding ADC MoAs; explore strategies for successful clinical trials and data interpretation and reflect on trial challenges with industry front-runners; enhance your understanding of development processes and analytical techniques to efficiently scale up. 

This year World ADC San Diego is also instrumental in helping you discover streamlined manufacturing strategies for efficient production and inform you about the latest market trends, regulatory considerations, and successful commercialization approaches.

Featured image: San Diego. Courtesy: © 2026 – 2023 Fotolia/Adobe. Used with permission.



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