Lonza 2024

With World ADC London staring later this week, excitement is building for the first in-person event in two years, with virtual attendance options available!

With 70+ speakers sharing unparalleled insights to help bring more clinically impactful ADCs to the hands of patients sooner, this is your opportunity to reunite with the ADC community at Europe’s biggest and most comprehensive antibody-drug conjugate event.

See what’s in store across all four days of the conference here : Covering the latest ADC science, data and technology, here’s a sneak peek at what some of the ADC leaders will be sharing:

Gilles Gallant, SVP Global Head, Oncology Development from Daiichi Sankyo will be presenting twice at World ADC London 2022, firstly within the brand new Clinical Lessons Stream. He will be sharing the story of DS-7300, a B7-H3-Directed DXd ADC showcasing its preclinical profile and current clinical development status.

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Lonza 2024

Additionally, Gilles will also be presenting during the Scientific Programme Day Two Plenary Discussion on showcasing game-changing ADCs with a view to moving ADCs into earlier line treatments to improve patient outcomes sooner. Here Daiichi Sankyo will be discussing the development story of ENHERTU®, including data from the Destiny-Breast03 trial and exploring how ENHERTU can be used in early breast cancer treatments. Find out more.

Heather Van Epps, Nicholas Choong and Shweta Jain from Seagen will be highlighting Disitamab Vedotin’s encouraging monotherapy clinical data across a range of HER2 expressing solid tumors and its use in combination with anti-PD1 in urothelial cancer. Hear about how Tisotumab Vedotin is being explored in frontline cervical cancer, with data being shared from the innovaTV204 clinical trial and emerging data for it as a frontline treatment. Find out more.

Raffaella Faggioni, from Exelixis will be reviewing efficacy data from pharmacology tumour models in mice and PK data from monkeys from their XB002 candidate as part of the Translational Stream on Day One. She will delve deeper to understand how this data was helpful in predicating human PK to better estimate an efficacious dose. Find out more.

Leo Marx, Medicinal Chemistry Project Manager at Debiopharm Research & Manufacturing will be investigating how their novel linker chemistry that has fast and selective payload release to produce ADCs with high DAR, without a high aggregation profile, and also discussing its application to a model antibody. Find out more.

As well as chairing Scientific Programme Day Two of the meeting, Alain Beck, Senior Director, Biologics CMC & Developability at Pierre Fabre will be sharing cutting-edge multi-level analytical and structural characterization of antibody-drug conjugates through using Ion-mobility, ultra-short mass spectrometry to assess ADC homogeneity and critical quality attributes of ADCs. Find out more.

Here’s what to expect on each of the 4 days of the conference:

  • Tuesday 29th March | Bring yourself up to speed with the basics of ADC research as our Introduction to ADCs Day covers the most essential elements in ADC discovery and early development. You can also explore industry-leading research from companies at the forefront of developing alternative format conjugates, and delve into the unique challenges that late phase and commercial manufacturing provides during our Non-Traditional ADC & CMC Seminar Days
  • Wednesday 30th March | Kick off your day with our Industry Leaders’ Panel Discussion to get the insights from those at the forefront of groundbreaking developments to inform your strategy through 2022, before we break out into our four dedicated tracks covering Discovery, Translation, Clinical Lessons, and CMC, providing cutting-edge content for everyone!
  • Thursday 31st March | Begin by hearing how the likes of Daiichi Sankyo and Seagen are aiming to move their ADCs into earlier line treatments and what this means for the future of oncology treatment, and finish the day by learning more about ADCs with novel modes of action and innovative technologies that are helping progress the next generation of ADCs
  • Friday 1st April | Roll up your sleeves and get stuck in to our discussion-focused workshops ranging from understanding the chemistry and properties of ADCs, examining the causes of off-target toxicity to advancing analytical methods to better characterize your ADCs as your peers collaboratively address shared challenges

This is just a snapshot of the exciting content-packed programme you don’t want to miss out on! Now is your chance to join us and discover how to maximise the therapeutic index of ADCs. With digital attendance options also available, secure your place now.

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