MabPlex International, a fully integrated, Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) with sites in China (Yantai and Shanghai) and the United States (San Diego), has launched additional operations with two new cell culture production lines with GE brand 2,000-liter single-use bioreactors.

After successfully running cell production lines with Sartorius 2,000-liter disposable bioreactors, this expansion demonstrates MabPlex’s commitment to developing a more diversified production capacity.

With the added expansion, MabPlex demonstrates the company's commitment to expand further and diversify its capacity. Photo Courtesy: MabPlex USA, Inc.
With the added expansion, MabPlex demonstrates the company’s commitment to expand further and diversify its capacity. Photo Courtesy: MabPlex USA, Inc.

Bringing the new production lines online, from installation to verification to trial operation, took less than three months, reflecting MabPlex’s speed of service.

By adding two new GE brand production lines online, MabPlex also demonstrates the company’s rich experience of running different types of reactors, allowing greater flexibility to meet the diverse CDMO service demands of customers. This one-stop CDMO approach provides a higher degree of flexibility and responsiveness in the ever-increasing need for more complex biomolecules, including Antibody-drug Conjugates (ADCs).

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More expansion
By the end of March 2020, MabPlex will launch two additional production lines featuring Thermo-Fisher 2,000-liter disposable bioreactors, which will provide sufficient capacity for customers’ clinical production.

As a professional biomedical CDMO, MabPlex’s business approach focuses on “Customer Demands.” To provide customers with efficient one-stop CDMO services, MabPlex’s facility design, including production line layout and equipment configuration, is based on specific customer needs and requirements.

“MabPlex offers one of the few globally integrated service platforms with high production capacity, something that is unique in our industry,” said Yongjian Wu, Ph.D. as Chief Operating Officer of MabPlex USA.

A world-class professional team
MabPlex employs a world-class professional team with diverse project management and operational experience, including robust technical and quality systems, a large-capacity meeting current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP), and facilities designed in full compliance with Chinese, European, and United States’ quality systems.

MabPlex approach, offering a “Factory Built for Customers,” developed to ensure easy and straightforward scale-up and scale-down combined with unprecedented high performance, is designed to meet the current and future needs – from process development to commercial production phases – of the company’s clients. At the same time, this approach significantly reducing customer costs and shortens their drug-to-market cycle, contributing to the earlier access to quality drugs to meet the unmet medical needs of patients.

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