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Yves Archambault is a strategic initiative director at Varian Medical Systems, where he leads the charge of advancements in adaptive therapy through intelligent, accessible technological developments. Archambault focuses bringing together technology, data, process and people to make the most complex radiotherapy solutions accessible and appealing to as many clinics as possible around the world. It’s a passion of his to not only make the most complex technology available, but to integrate it in easy to use products so that clinicians can use them with confidence and focus on what’s most important, the patient. Archambault has worked in the field of oncology for 26 years, the last 19 at Varian. Archambault has an exceptional track-record in bringing novel technology to the radiotherapy market, including the introduction of RapidArc in 2008 and RapidPlan 2014, Varian products that have transformed the way cancer treatments are planned and delivered globally. Archambault has a bachelor’s degree in physics and a master’s degree in biomedical engineering from Université de Montréal.