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Mark Frigerio received his Ph.D. from University College London in 2003. His postgraduate research in the laboratory of Professor Karl Hale was synthesizing the antitumor macrolide Bryostatins resulting in the enantioselective formal total synthesis of Bryostatin 7. His drug development experience includes working as team leader at KuDOS Pharmaceuticals on targeting the DNA-PK and ATM kinases involved in double-strand DNA-damage repair pathways implicated in the treatment of cancers, at Pharminox developing G-Quadruplex binders targeting the non-canonical forms of DNA, as well as developing next-generation Temozolomide analogs designed to overcome the alkylation resistance mechanisms. Mark joined PolyTherics/Abzena in 2012 and his initial role focussed on the bioconjugation development of Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADCs). He is an expert in the design and development of ADC linkers and has been instrumental in building Abzena’s site-specific ThioBridge® conjugation technology platform for the production of stable and homogeneous ADCs, as well as Abzena’s site-specific polymer PEGylation linker technology, including TheraPEG™, CyPEG™, and HiPEG™, for the half-life extension of peptides and proteins. Mark has 37 publications and patents in the field of early-stage drug discovery and his focus in developability assessment has led to him taking a broader role in Abzena as VP Design and Development, responsible for the business operations of early-stage antibody and ADC drug developability programs.